5 Important Things You Need To Know About Pugs

While it is very important that you love Pugs before you decide on going to your favourite pet shop for a pug, it is also of great importance that you learn some pugs fact to prepare your mind for the task ahead and help you shape your decision on whether or not you really want to purchase one.


For persons interested in getting pugs for adoption, below is pugs information that would be very helpful to your cause.

The size

Pugs are small but even with their size they are full of energy. This brought about the name “Multum in Parvo” which simply means “much in a small space”. As you go in search of pugs for sale, bear in mind that in as much as they may look small, their energy and level of activity match that of any other dog you might have in mind.

According to experts, pugs sometime fight even bigger dogs especially when they forget how small they are. It is important that you constantly keep an eye on your pug if it moves with dogs of bigger sizes as pugs usually end up with nips and other injuries after fights.

Pugs are family dogs

One of the factors that determine whether or not a particular dog Breed is purchased is how friendly it is especially if you are not purchasing it for the sole purpose of protection and you have little ones around the home. Pugs are however family dogs and would ordinarily not harm any member of the family. They also expect some pampering so you might want to brace yourself for that. This means that do would want someone around the house almost every time.

The good part about their pampering needs is that they are content with tickles or cuddles and you can actually pamper them even as you take a drink on your sofa. Just like any other dog, they want some activity and this might mean taking a walk with them in a nearby park.

They are yappy and snappy

While they could posses the characteristic mentioned above, an average pug is not particularly a talkative. They however bark just like every other dog. For persons that live in apartment buildings, this is an important consideration especially if the building is a crowded one with neighbours that would rather not hear the honk of a car, talk less of the bark of a dog.

They are accommodative and sensitive

These features are due to the way the dogs are bred as an average pug regardless of the gender is sensitive and appreciates being treated with respect. Just like other dogs, they sometimes like to pick up things you would rather prefer they did not go near. It is therefore advised that even as you try to protect your pug and ensure that it stays healthy, it is also important to consider its happiness and try to protect it without hurting its feelings.

 Have a plan

Many people would like to liken buying a pug to purchasing a car. While they might look very different, the modalities surrounding taking care of them are quite similar.

When you decide to purchase a car, you do not take decision solely based on your affinity for the car. You also take into consideration some other factors. These factors include the objective of owning the car, the space available to park the automobile, and of course, you Budget.

Just like purchasing your car from the right dealership, it is also of utmost importance that you buy your pug from a genuine breeder. This is very importance as many of the problems faced by owners of pugs are usually due to the source.

For a good and reliable breeder, it is advised that you visit the Kennel club closest to you. You could also use the internet to carry out your search of trusted and reliable pug breeders in your locality. With the popularity of the breed, you are sure to get a very good breeder with little or no hassles. It is also important that as you search for the best pug possible, you endeavour not to compromise on quality. Thoroughbreds are usually more expensive as compared to the mixed breed. The advantage of having to pay more for pure breeds however is the peace of mind that comes with having a pug that you will spend a decade or more with.

In addition to the pugs facts and tips mentioned above, it is important that you do your homework before you decide on buying a pug.